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2 Door MK4 Jetta?

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I was considering in buying a brand spanking new jetta. I really like how they look , i drove my neighbor's MK4 and it gave an overall excellent ride. However, I dont particularly like 4-door sedans. I had a MK2 jetta sedan that had two doors and am wondering if the MK4 jetta also has a two-door version. I have never seen one on the road, so it brings me to question if the type exists. If not, does anyone know about any VoA plans on bringing a two-door jetta to the US?
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Re: 2 Door MK4 Jetta? (AtariMasta)

no, there were 2 door jetta concept cars, and artist conceptions... but never one available for purchase (As a mkiv)
of course, i have a feeling there will be more than one 'custom' ones at all the big east coast shows this summer...
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