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I have 2 almost completes ODB2 VR6 motors. Both from 96 GTI's

First one has around 100xxx miles on rebuild with reciepts for everything including tranny
Has 2.9 clone intake manifold 256 dyno sport cams
Has everything from the oil pan up to the intake manifold only things missing are the MAF, pcv boot and valve system, and Air Box
Bought it from a kid who had it in a gti that was wrecked without hearing it run. Put it in my gti and ran awful. Oil was not getting anywhere. Got it going for a couple days drove fine then one day the oil light comes on and same problem so i pulled it and now its sitting. I assume it needs a good going threw and a new oil pump. Has a good tranny with good clutch. It is put together right now i would take $350

Second one is the original motor from my gti with 160xxx ran great until it started burning oil and turns out it is bad valve guides. This one is taken apart. Head off the block tranny off and all surroundings sitting in box's also had good tranny and clutch was newer. Missing cams, MAF, PCV boot, air box. I would take $300

Ask about separate parts ill listen to anything

These trannys go for $300 by themselves so i figure its a good deal. Or buy both and ill give it all to you for $500 and you can build a running vr6 with everything you have and sell all the extra parts

i have 2 drivers side of a VR6 lip in good condition - $15 each

May consider trades for Mark 3 parts. GTI Leather seats, coilovers, Wheels

Call or text me 253-267-9586
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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