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2 snow tires or 4

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Does anyone have any experience of winter driving with 2 fron winter tires?
This is for my celica, I'm going to sell the car this spring/summer, but maybe I'll be driving it this winter once in a while. I don't want to buy all 4 tires.
how's the handling with 2 wwinter tires only in the front?
I still have a set of winter wheels for eclipse GSX - anyone wants them?
thank you
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Re: 2 snow tires or 4 (shourick)

Its not too bad. As with anything, you'll get used to it. Braking is reduced. The rear end tends to come out more, but, if you're careful, its not too bad.
When I was a kid in Montana, no one ever put four snow tires on a car. It was always two. We survived.
Re: 2 snow tires or 4 (VWhombre)

don't be cheap and buy 4 dammit!!!!!!!

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Re: 2 snow tires or 4 (mk2jetta)

I am not cheap, I just don't want to become a wheel dealer soon

so far, I have in my basement:
a set of winter 17s for GSX
the second set of rims/tires for my SUV
a set of wheels for '97 m3
2 steel wheels form the previous house owner
lotsa bike wheels and cat's sh#tter...
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Re: 2 snow tires or 4 (shourick)

Oh, by the way, I think that you people can fit those M3 rims with winter continentals on your dubz
they are 225 45r17 in very decent condition
i'll sell them for cheap *wink*
Re: 2 snow tires or 4 (shourick)

I put two snows on my 94' GTI. The rear end came about a couple of times. The car didn't have ABS either. IF you car has ABS its better to have 4 matched tires.
Re: 2 snow tires or 4 (VWVancouver)

I've lived two places in my life upstate new york....cold as heck and icy.... and colorado lots of snow and mountains. In NY where the primary problem was ice that didn't melt till april i would suggest all four snow tires, to keep you on the road. In colorado the biggest problem is getting through the snow on roads they don't plow traction is the biggest issue so two tires on the drive wheels will do ya.
you could always go northern california style and just carry chains for when yu need em.
-brian in boulder
Re: 2 snow tires or 4 (VWhombre)

quote:[HR][/HR]rear end tends to come out more, but, if you're careful, its not too bad.[HR][/HR]​
That's never bad!
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Re: 2 snow tires or 4 (shourick)

I have worked in the tire Industry and its not just a sales pitch 4 is always recommended and in Washington its a state law that tire shops can not install only 2 studded or high traction tires on a FWD or AWD vehicle they must have 4. and having been on the icy roads myself, I strongly recommend 4.
Re: 2 snow tires or 4 (mk2jetta)

make me an offer ...
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