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2000 1.8t w/o AC

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I have just recently purchased a 2000 4dr 1.8t. It never came with factory AC. AC is a standard item on all VW's. Why is it that my car never came with AC? How rare is a 1.8t w/o AC? Just curious.
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Re: 2000 1.8t w/o AC (LuvMyVDub1.8T)

I don't think they exists at all.....
If your car has a 1.8T, it must be GLS, and GLS comes with A/C as standard equipment (in Canada). A/C is only an option in GL trims (in Canada), but 1.8T wasn't offered in GL trim. And from what i understand, all Volkswagen's in the United States have A/C, so your car must be 1 in a million
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Re: 2000 1.8t w/o AC (LuvMyVDub1.8T)

Thats phat now urcar has less weight
Re: 2000 1.8t w/o AC (LuvMyVDub1.8T)

They do exist.. I know of one other one.. the very early Golf GLS 1.8Ts were available without A/C. TurboCro on here had one before he got his Passat.
- rick
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