Mileage:139000 M
2000 Jetta GLX, black leather interior, decent shape, solid rust-free chassis, runs good but starter went out and I couldn’t get another one before school started, so I bought a ‘19 Jetta R-Line. Now I need the parking space in my driveway so this has to go. I’m too old to lay under it changing a starter out.
It has, in no particular order;
Light flywheel and clutch
3SDM .05 wheels, 18”x8.5”
Decent tires, new ones on the rear
Tein S-tech springs
Koni FSD shocks and struts
New A/C compressor last summer
New front upper strut bearings (only 1 installed so far because my mechanic is an idiot)
New secondary coolant hose spider (not installed)
Newer plugs and wires
‘04 GLI smoked tail lamps
Mk4 GTI “red” brakes (larger front rotors), calipers swapped

It consistently knocks down 25 mpg on the freeway. Decent commuter vehicle.

It does have other issues like all mk4s do; needs window regulators, cruise control usually doesn’t work, typical faded MFD (works below 48 degrees), needs one front wheel speed sensor (intermittent short), and needs the smog system recirc valve removed and cleaned. Might need a couple O2 sensors too as it sets a Bank 1 lean code occasionally, not really sure why. And it’ll need a windshield eventually, as I broke it last time I changed the wipers. Ugh! The paint is not glorious but it does look kinda good from a distance.

It just needs to leave my driveway so I can get my car out of the street. Surely someone needs a decent VR6 and wheels for a mk3 or mk4 GTI, right?

Located in SoCal, close to the Colorado River and AZ.