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2001-2002 S4/S4 Avant availability/pricing?

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I am a fan of the new 2002 A4. I also am about to get married & think I should go with an Avant. After doing some research on the net, I am under the assumption that the Avant won't arrive here until early next year & that the new bodystyle (B6 platform?) S4 & S4 Avant won't be out until a couple of years. Do you guys know if 2001 S4's & S4 Avant's are still available, & if so, are dealers willing to make deals on them? Are 2002 S4's available? (A 2002 S4 would probably be unaffordable at this time.) I would appreciate hearing your recommendations, 2001 S4 Avant with its old body style vs. a 2002 3.0Q Avant with it's ugly(in my opinion) non-matching sideskirts. Speaking of the VW-looking sideskirts, has anyone "ordered" a 2002 w/ the votex body kit? How much does the body kit cost if you purcahse it with the car? TIA.
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Re: 2001-2002 S4/S4 Avant availability/pricing? (masspassat)

If at all possible, you want to wait for the new generation A4. It is in a whole new league compared to the old one. Not only is it better looking, it has better body construction and fit, and the interior is to the quality level of the A6 and GOLF/JETTA.
As to the selection of lower body color/texture. AUDI knows what they are doing when it comes to design. Give it some time, and you will find they got it right on the new one.
Re: 2001-2002 S4/S4 Avant availability/pricing? (NC-GTI)

I don't know what NC-GTI is talking about, the 2002 A4 has the body fit quality of a Golf/Jetta? There is nothing wrong with the 2001 A4 styling or quality, at all. I don't care how rigid or "modern" the 2002 is. I drive my S4 hard daily and it is pretty damn stylish and very rigid. I swear, he bad mouths the 2001 A4/S4 body style just to egg me on. Your posts on this forum offer nothing except to give me a chance to reiterate my love for the "old" body style.
The 2002 A4 Avant will be available in March or April. The S4 won't be available until Summer 2003 at earliest. The 2002 model S4 is limited production and is identical to the 2001 S4, old body style. The 2001, 2002 S4 can be had for as little as $37,000, I paid $38,700 for mine loaded. I don't believe you can "order" any Audi with the Votex kit, that is definitely an aftermarket option and I have no idea on the cost. Hope this helps.
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Re: 2001-2002 S4/S4 Avant availability/pricing? (S4inSoFla)

Thanx for the info s4insofla.I am looking to get the last of the 'new' S4's around feb-march.....do u think they'll still be around by then?? My fiancee and i will be able to pay in full right on the spot by then,(a little...ahem..problem w/ I.R.S. freezing her accounts right now http://****************.com/smile/emthdown.gif ).What kind of deals could be had w/ paying for the car right out/dealer scrambling to get rid of '01 inventory??
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Re: 2001-2002 S4/S4 Avant availability/pricing? (vw valance)

you would be suprised, but most audi dealers pad the price of the vehicle by financing you at a higher APR. Cash could even *HURT* your final price if this comes into play. The dealers get paid immediately regardless of cash or credit from the bank, so its not the "advantage" it might seem to be... Those audi folks make some hardcore profit on the financing side thru VAG credit
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