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Damn. 2021 was a capital-B and this year has begun much the same. Lots of work around the house. We had our roof and driveway replaced (more room for activities!!!) so I got the beetle running and driving (basically to move it), but have had zero time to work on the good stuff.

Kind of in a perpetual holding pattern with this thing, it seems. I’m hoping to take a break and get er going here this summer. This project is my me-time and I’ve unfortunately had next to none of that for a year now.

Picking up a set of TT front knuckles, control arms and steering rack next week; as well as a spare haldex and rear diff. Full TT beetle, engage!

Anyway, I’ll update as soon as there’s anything worth reporting. Thank you all for your initial interest. It WILL be epic (while looking mundane), I promise.
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