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2002 Average Price Paid

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What did you pay for your 2002 Passat? I'm most interested in the GLX Auto sedan, but I have the Consumer Reports Wholesale Price Guide, so any and all info would be useful - I'll just compare what % you paid over wholesale, and consider that.
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Re: 2002 Average Price Paid (mr_mbuna)

I paid $27,497.76 for a 2002 GLX sedan manual. That's before title and license fees (we don't have tax here).
Re: 2002 Average Price Paid (ErinG)

I paid 23,800 for my car in signature Dec 31 before taxes and title.
Re: 2002 Average Price Paid (oceanengineer)

variant 1.8t/tip/leather/monsoon/spash guards/ doc. fee/ total: 24765.00
MSRP w/o spash guards: 26,000.00
doc fee(dealer profit) was high 225.00
so price w/o doc. fee was 24,540.00 or 500.00 over invoice which inlcuded the add/floor/interest reserve fees. NOTE : emdunds does not include these in their pricing, but do mention the existance of the fees.
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Re: 2002 Average Price Paid (mauslick)

$28,375 for 2002 GLX with Tiptronic and 6 CD changer (before tax and title)

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Re: 2002 Average Price Paid (mr_mbuna)

I paid $24,500 including all the fees but excluding the taxes and tag for my Fresco Green 1.8t tip leather lux and monsson.
Re: 2002 Average Price Paid (mr_mbuna)

I paid 1.25% over invoice for a 2002 GLS V6 sedan in Indigo Blue with automatic/tiptronic, luxury package, cold weather package, homelink and monsoon...25,730 + 322 = $26,052 plus taxes, license & floorplan
Re: 2002 Average Price Paid (mr_mbuna)

I paid $27,904 for a Passat GLX w/Tiptronics.
Re: 2002 Average Price Paid (sgarelick)

Consumer Reports lists the true Wholesale Price as $27,162 for the Passat GLX sedan with Tiptronic. This is lower than what most consider "invoice" because VW dealers have a $575 holdback - money the manufacturer gives them back after they sell the car. Am I correct, VWGuild? VWGuild, what % profit should I give the dealer? What do your Passat GLX Tips usually go for?
Re: 2002 Average Price Paid (mr_mbuna)

we will be paying $24,951 and includes all taxes ,fees, etc. ($ 500 over invoice.)

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Re: 2002 Average Price Paid (mr_mbuna)

I bought my Passat today.

It's a 2002 GLS V6 with 4motion, Tiptronic, "cold weather package" (heated seats and windshield washer nozzles), and "luxury package" (sunroof and alloy wheels).
Black exterior with black cloth interior.
I paid $26,727 including a $227 "admin fee" plus tax, title, and registration.
No trade; $15,000 down and the rest financed at 2.9% for 24 months.
This was at Quirk VW in Quincy, Mass-- the price was advertised in the paper,
and was better than what other dealers had been quoting me.
Apparently they were selling only four cars at this price.
The other three had the gray cloth interior but are otherwise identical, except that some had the monsoon sound system instead of the cold weather package. They all were black.
Maybe nobody wants the black ones?

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Re: 2002 Average Price Paid (mr_mbuna)

I just picked mine up Saturday after finding it on a boat from Germany (first post). This kind of information is so helpful when especially when you buy in a different market to determine what the heck people are paying. I paid the 600 over invoice just to get it at the dealer down the street but $250 is the best I heard from many dealers.
Thank you all for the great info on this site!
Passat 1.8T Tip 20863
Luxury 1369
Leather 1325
Monsoon 287
HomeLink 115
Destination 550
Advertising 125
misc fee 1 92
misc fee 2 25
subtotal 24751
$ Over Invoice 600
Price of car 25351
Lloyd 02' Fresco/BeigeLeather
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Re: 2002 Average Price Paid (mr_mbuna)

You all know that this is an arena that I actively avoid, because every car
deal has so many variables that to make any type of blanket statement would
be unfair to all concerned...
Just look at all of the numbers thrown out here
One person actually
paid $50 over Invoice($27,854.00)

Now, for anyone who reads car reviews or who participates here, they know
that a 2002 GLX Passat is not exactly *Distress Merchandise*...It is not a
Daewoo, Kia, Hyundai, Buick Century, Ford Taurus...No 0% financing or like
the fine folks at Mitsubishi...0% financing, 0 Payments until 2003...

Back on point...None of us here know what Interest rates were paid, what
value was put on a Trade, or for that matter, in reality, if all of these numbers
are, in fact, even true...No offense, but that is a fact...
Best advice...Find a number that you feel is fair...if you are dealing with a
Sales Person that does not impart value, don't pay for any...if your sales
experience is great and you actually learn more about this fine car and how
those features will benefit you and your family, and remember we do not
carry strangers in our cars...I doubt that you are buying this GLX to be a
You might feel comfortable being more flexible & generous...
Make sure that you know your *Fair Isaac* Score and secure a loan
from your local Credit Union or USAA before you begin negotiations, and bring
the approval letter to the Dealership. And be prepared to drive home a car
that is at the Dealership...Go at night when they are closed and come back &
say I want THAT ONE...This requires flexibilty from you and your family...If you
only want Pine Green with Beige and they don't have it; the price will go up
because there is more work involved and, that is as it should be.
Lastly, try making this whole process enjoyable...Ask for the Internet Sales
Manager, or if there is none, the Fleet Manager...Typically these people will
be seasoned professionals with a good deal of product knowledge, and an
understanding of where you are are coming from, and will be able to deal
with you directly...No back & forth with a Retail sales manager...
That is about it...Just try to have fun, but not at anyone else's expense...

ps: *Holdback* is not part of any normal negotiation on a German car, and
you will also note that the word *REBATE* is never used either...

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Re: 2002 Average Price Paid (vwguild)

VWGuild, or any other person in the industry:
Why isn't holdback a part of negotiations usually concerning Passats? Are German cars just in demand enough that the dealers can choose not to take it into consideration?
Is there an interior color that looks best with the Fresco Green and Blue Silver? What are the most commonly purchased leather colors with these car colors?
In general, are "no-haggle" dealerships willing to reduce these "no-haggle" or "value" prices? One dealership in town has their Passat GLXs listed for about $29,000, if I do remember correctly. Our favorite salesman works here, but they don't have the car in stock, so we are wondering if they'd be able to do as good of a deal. So, in general, do "no-haggle" dealerships still bargain?
Re: 2002 Average Price Paid (mr_mbuna)

I paid $24,030 for a 2002 1.8T GLS. That's including taxes, but excluding title, tag, & license fees. I still think that I overpaid for this car since mine doesn't have the luxury package and leather. I guess it's too late now to be thinking about it!

1.8T Blue Anthracite, black interior, tiptronic, monsoon, homelink
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Re: 2002 Average Price Paid (mr_mbuna)

vwguild has an excellent point, in order to give some realistic informations on how much over folks are paying over invoice, info like trade-in, etc. would have to be considered.
however, being new to vw, reading prices paid on the internet really helps to determine what dealerships are charging. i assume the extremely low prices may not be accurate or not take all factors into consideration. but between that info, using autobytel, and calling/visiting dealerships, I found a good estimate of what was a good deal ($ over invoice). This turned out to be the same value in very different regions (western pa to northern va). I found that to be anywhere from $250 to $750 over invoice, again depending on the factors. Also, by posts like these you learn what is a normal fee so you have a good feeling that the dealer isn't throwing in hidden charges (i.e. fair charges like dest, advertis, that $90 fee, that $25 fee, etc.).
I usually don't pay much interest charges by paying off quickly so a couple hundred dollars is a couple hundred dollars. I need to know what is fair. Even the nicest sales people I dealt with try everything they can do to sneak in more money.
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Re: 2002 Average Price Paid (wrighla)

No trade in. $200 over invoice. Really good dealer, very little haggling. 5.9% financing for 5 years back in early sept. Car in sig. Dont remember out the door price with tax, title , etc. Oh and on that mitsu 0 payments for one year crap. It's got a pretty big catch. Most people opt for that and get a extremely high interest rate after the one year of no interest. Lowest possible apr on that deal with Perfect credit is 8.9% according to my dealer. Most guys on the Eclipse Board are getting anywhere from 11 to 15% after a year. The key to that plan is to make payments that first year like you normally would and it goes right against the principal. Still with a 15% interest rate in some cases even that wont help.
Re: 2002 Average Price Paid (mr_mbuna)

I agree with VWguild that there are many factors that come into play when you buy a car and what you end up paying for it and I would guess that availability is one of them.
In my case I used Edmunds as a guide (they had listed a TMV of 24,300) for the exact car I was looking for and CarsDirect.com (they listed 23,850 as their price) but they don't operate in Texas. I paid 23,800 including a "local dealer service" fee of $387. My final drive out price was approx 25,500 including all taxes, title, fees, etc. I paid $7000 down and financed the remainder at 4.9% for 36 months thru VW credit.
To tell you the truth even with all the "research" I did I didn't expect to pay the price that I did (I thought it would be a lot closer to the Edmunds price). I think the fact that the car I was looking at was a manual and lying on the lot for a month still wrapped up in the protective covering, and that it was Dec 31 had something to do with it. I liked the service I got from my dealer and would recommend them again as they handled everything very professionally - and IMO that counts for a lot - at least I didn't leave the dealer second guessing myself.
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Re: 2002 Average Price Paid (oceanengineer)

I bought my car through http://www.carsdirect.com for $24.6K (for a variant with leather, luxury, and Homelink, excluding tax and title). I highly recommend them.

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Re: 2002 Average Price Paid (mr_mbuna)

I paid $100 over invoice for my 2002 Passat GLS 1.8T with leather, tiptronic and luxury package. I went across the border to Canada where the same car is about $4000 less than in the USA because of the exchange rate on the Canadian dollar.
To import the vehicle to the USA all I needed was a letter from VW Canada stating that the vehicle meets all EPA standards (which it does). VW Canada won't give a letter stating that.
I believe they will for a used Passat, but not for a new one. I guess if everyone went to Canada to buy a new Passat it would really cut into VW USA's business, especially in border towns like Buffalo.
http://www.canadiandriver.com has the MSRP for the GLS in Canada = $29,550 that equals about $18,900 US dollars. The MSRP for the same car in the USA is $22,300. I wonder why prices vary so much from country to country. What country has the lowest car prices for the VW?
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