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2002 Running Changes - What are? and a list from Scottvw.com

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What are the currently implemented and planned "running changes" for the 2002 Passat? A list from ScottVW.com says:
"New Passat
The Premium VI "double DIN" AM/FM/Cassette/CD player radio head is now standard
New Cruise Control Switch, with "rocker style" switch on the end of the stalk for resume + (accelerate to higher speed) and set - (decelerate to slower speed)
New Cruise Control Indicator Light in Speedometer Cluster, shows cruise control on/off
Emergency Trunk Release
Telematics (OnStar) will become standard on the GLX and optional on other models later in the year "
I've seen everything except the OnStar, which would pretty much round out the Passat to be a perfect competitor to anything else.
Anyone else have other items, or another list, or anything? Thanks!
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Re: 2002 Running Changes - What are? and a list from Scottvw.com (mr_mbuna)

Why don't they give us 1.8T owners an option or at least add some of the stuff the V6 has! I hate being punished for wanting the 1.8T engine and it soo stupid that you can't have the options.
Ok, Now I feel better
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