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ISSUE#1: For some reason, my fuel lid wouldn't open and I can see that the light doesn't illuminate for the fuel door switch, but does illuminate for the trunk (bottom of the driver-side door). The trunk switch is fully operable though. If this is just a fuse, which one is it?

ISSUE#2: After using the manual fuel lid emergency cable to open the door through the access panel, now the lid wouldn't close because the strike latch wouldn't catch onto the fuel lid, the latch which is connected at the tip of the cable through the gas compartment would not go through enough to catch the lid. Does this mean I need to re-reeve with a whole new cable?

I have been trying to look at some of the fuses (but didn't pull all of them because I didn't want to complicate anything else) to figure out which one was the fuel lid fuse. I looked at the diagram that was stuck inside the fuse compartment but it did not show anything that had to do with the fuel lid. Looked through the owner's manual but didn't find anything leading to the fuse. Looked through my Bentley repair manual but couldn't figure out which fuse is V155?

Can anyone please give me some advices or troubleshooting ideas to fix this issue?
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