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so after riding on lower springs and stock shocks /struts I am finally going to replace them. just got in my aftermarket Koni Street kit for ECS and ready to start the madness.
My goal is to make a new DIY for the 24V dubbers. this will just be a progress photo thread and then ill organize it for final posting.
Enjoy the show.

This is how worn the stock strut mounts and cracked bearing are

My Stock Shock still hasn't released since I removed it.. no wonder my ride was soo damn hard.:facepalm:

Side by side with the Bentley diagram, #7 Bushing , was not this large on my 24V, dealership said because the GTI has a sport suspension so its only a small bushing shown in photo #5

Top of the strut mount with Hex 60Nm bolt tightened, bolt came with shocks thanks ECS :heart:

a few more turns and the first one is back in.


more pics and info coming. :wave:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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