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2003 model information?

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When is the 2003 Volkswagen model info going to be realeased, any big news of trim or designation changes other than the new 6 speed and 24v VR6.
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Re: 2003 model information? (130_R)

jamie, george, paul, david, anyone?
Re: 2003 model information? (130_R)

2003? Settle down, it is only 2001!
Re: 2003 model information? (Mr Bubblehead)

quote:[HR][/HR]2003? Settle down, it is only 2001![HR][/HR]​
Yeah, but I'm wondering about the GLI, W8 Passat and D1.
Re: 2003 model information? (1992jetta-2)

I also want to know about the Jetta. I don't want to buy a 2002 and then VW change the design of the body or anything. That already happened to me once.
Re: 2003 model information? (ewilburn)

Aren't the all new Jettas and Golfs coming out for 2003? If so, you'd better wait. 2002 will probably be the last year for the current style.
Re: 2003 model information? (pdoel)

Nice. Has anyone seen pictures of the new Jetta and/or Golf? If so, please let me know where to find them.
Re: 2003 model information? (pdoel)

nope. that is supposed to be 2004-2005 b/4 the new body style comes out (for golf/jetta)
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