Mileage:208000 M
Engine:4.0L W8 w/ 4WD
Posting more photos later of the underbody and a video of it running but here it is!

We have for sale a 2003 W8 sedan with 4WD and ~60000 miles on its 2nd engine (the odometer is at 208k). The car runs and drives and we performed some basic maintenance as the car wasn't used very often (we have a lot of cars to drive in our family). It's got new pads in the rear w/ new calipers, new handbrake cable, fresh oil, and a new hood release latch (these are prone to breaking because they're plastic...). The entire car is untouched, pretty much bone stock. There are rock chips on the front and rear bumpers, and minor cosmetic issues with the interior (scuffs on the plastic pretty much).

We are located in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania and welcome anyone interested to a test drive.
I can perform a compression test if requested, and if there are any questions at all, or if you are interested in this W8 please PM me!