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I bought my 2003 Tornado Red Wolfsburg Jetta 1.8t 5 speed on June 10th, 2016. The car came basically 100% stock except for the rims, and with 120,000km all original. Being in school with no money, is making it extremely hard to start the build but it will come around. I've decided that I'm going to post the build from the start and see if it helps from feedback and such. I basically want to swap my car to a GLI, since they didn't offer the 2004-2005 Metallic Tornado Red GLI's in Canada I want to swap mine but keep it the original Tornado Red. My car has a clear coat peeling problem (No Rust) and needs to be repainted but will be kept the original colour.

Front and Rear brakes
Front and Rear rotors
Rear Callipers
Peeling Clear Coat
Passenger Door

OEM GLI Lip Kit (Front, Skirts, Rear)
OEM Brushed Aluminum interior pieces (Stereo Cage, Ash Tray Lid, Shift Knob, Door Handles, Door Locks, Pedals, Cluster)
OEM Black GLI Headliner (Might Redo my original black)
OEM GLI Plate (Under door once open)
OEM Badges
Late model Trunk with Lip
Chrome Trim
BBS RC's or Aristo 20th/R32 Rims
Repaint Original Tornado Red
Either Stage 1 or 2 ECU Tune
3" Downpipe
Cold Air Intake
BO Valve
Diverter Valve Upgrade
Muffler and Resonator Delete
Subwoofers 12"
Touch Screen Deck (What's a good one?)
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