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Hey folks. First time caller... long time listener.
My lovely 2003 Jetta 1.8T is sucking back gas like mad and has been since I bought it in 2007.
I use it mainly for city driving and maintain the car fairly well. Regular oil changes, premium gas, new timing belt, etc and drive conservatively.
According to the sticker, the "new" 2003 1.8T had the following fuel economy:
City: 22mpg / 10.7L/100km
Hwy: 29mpg / 8.1L/100km
With simple city driving in normal weather I have rarely seen 350kms/217miles per tank. I should get around 475km/325miles per tank, give or take some miles due to aging.
What should I have my mechanic look at when I take it to the shop next week?
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