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2004 Passat GLS Sedan 4motion 1.8T Tiptronic $700 Northern NJ

(apologies, the correct price is $700)

I'm making an attempt to sell this whole. I tried for a whole lot more for about a week locally but need to get about this out of it to not just part it out and then scrap the rest. Car has the AWM 1.8T engine.

Car runs and drives ok. Rough idle with some remaining vacuum leak or check valve or something still wrong. Car throws lean code and misfires because of the lean. SAI is loud when the car is cold. Car needs rear main done, it goes through a quart of oil in about 300-400 miles. I think the turbo is good though the power seems weak. It really seems to run well once up to speed. Never in an accident other than very minor parking lot kind of stuff. I have and will include rear main seal housing/seal, oil pan gasket, fuel pump and fuel filter. Near new battery, tires with quite a bit of tread. ~107,000 miles with a replacement engine with what I believe was similar mileage.. original motor grenaded the bottom end.

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