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Hello to everyone here,

recently got Touareg and never have come across issue like this one. Secondary air pump is not working. I have read to check the 40 amp fuse and relay. Fuse is fine(btw i have check all fuses in 3 fuse boxes - they all good) and i have installed new relay. Pump is still off, something is forcing relay to switch pump to off position.

Reason why do i say it - well, i took the cover of a old relay and because it is a coil inside that activate the switch inside i did push it on on it with fingers and pump turned on, so with this said - pump is good( i even tested pump ), wiring is good too and the question is - WHATS MAKING THE RELAY TO SWITCH PUMP OFF???

GUYS, YOUR HELP AND ADVISE I GREATLY APRECIATED..i have been chasing this issue for a 2 weeks now...any idea how to get wiring diagram??
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