I am parting with my beloved 2004 mkIV GTI 1.8T (manual 5 spd) that I have owned since brand new in March 2004. Recent transmission issues and a growing list of standard maintenance have brought me to this difficult decision to part ways with this car. I still love this car, but It is time to move on. The "heart and soul" are still strong and ready for a new driver.

The buyer is responsible for vehicle inspection after sale. I suspect the check engine light and headlight tint may give you issues, but I am not investing any more money into this car to fix the check engine light, nor do I want to ruin the headlights peeling off the tint.

I'm open to offers, so please feel free to comment or message me.

The Good:
• Single Owner - 215k miles
• Garage kept since 2009.
• Engine is strong. I've used fully synthetic oil and 93 octane fuel since the beginning of ownership.
• Respectful and occasional spirited driving it's whole life, but never excessively pushed (no autocross, etc.)
• No serious accidents - a few "fender benders", but nothing deploying airbags.
• Four (4) new high performance all season Continental tires installed within the year. Plenty of good tread.
• Historic tag eligible in March 2024.
• Not "chipped" - Modifications are limited to:
○ Eibach pro kit springs
○ Cold Air Intake
○ Legal (35%) Window Tint
○ Headlight Tint
○ Stewart Warner Boost Gauge
○ Blue LED interior lights
○ Smoked side lights
○ Amber parking lights
• Leather and Moonroof package - Interior and leather is in great shape for its age. Only leather damage is to drivers side bolster and a spot on passenger seat.
• VW Monsoon Package w/ Aux port and 12" Rockford Fostgate subwoofer and amplifier…this system hits!
• Stock 17" rims look great and are all true. Only minor curb rash.
• All keys are available (2 standard + 1 tech/valet). Lock/Unlock buttons do not work. Have not attempted to fix other than replacing battery.
• Full size spare
• Turbo is loud and blowoff is louder…head turner.

The Meh:
• Car will cut off with low fuel (below 1/8 tank). Suspect fuel pump needs replaced, but I simply fill up the tank when it hits 1/4 tank.
• Rear windshield washer doesn't work - broken line?
• Rear defroster doesn't work. Heater lines on window were unintentionally cut when removing illegal (20%) tint.
• Some of the stock speakers need replacement. Still sounds awesome with subwoofer.
• Handle on glove box broken, but still accessible.
• Brakes may require service soon.
• Breather tube needs replaced.
• E-Brake lines collapsed. I keep the car in gear when parked.
• Front Struts need replacing. Likely other suspension components need refresh.
• Headliner is currently being held up with safety pins in the rear.

The Bad:
• Rust developing on all corner panels - typical issue for mkIV GTI.
• Check Engine Light On - tied to secondary air/O2 sensor. Recently attempted to fix earlier this year due to failed emissions, but solution did no work. I received a waiver due to the value of the emissions related repairs performed. Maybe tied to breather tube?
• 1st to 2nd gear syncro does not work - I typically double clutch or limit high rev gear changes to avoid grinding.

The Ugly:
• Undiagnosed transmission issue - identified as transmission issue by 2 separate shops. Car sounds like "roulette wheel" when coasting while in gear. The shop I've been going to for 15+ years suspects that the issue may be tied to the syncro mentioned above. It's possible that the syncro itself has broken off?? After owning the car for 18 years, I've decided not to move forward with repair.
• Car will randomly limit boost to 5psi - Shop suspects an issue with the ECM. Issue goes away upon restarting vehicle.
• Occasional stutter with black smoke from exhaust - Shop suspects turbo is worn and may need replacement in the future.

• Car cover
• Rubber "VW Monster" Mats
• Carbon fiber engine cover (currently not installed)
• 12" Rockford Fostgate subwoofer and amplifier.
• Audio aux port
• Tow hook for front end.