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Hello All,
I have a 2005 Golf. At one point, the service rep at my local VW dealer told me that the brake fluid in my Gold needs to be flushed out and replaced every 2 years.

While at my local Meineke (getting the wife's Toyota Sienna's brakes worked on), I mentioned this to the mechanic (a pretty good guy that we've used for a while now). And I mentioned how the brake fluid was expensive (as are the other VW spec fluids: the pink radiator fluid, power steering fluid, etc).

He said that he was puzzled by this and looked up my car in his AllData system where it indicates that the 2005 Gold uses DOT4 fluid.

So here's my Question:

Can DOT4 brake fluid be used in 2005 Golf?

Or must I stick to the VW spec fluid (can't recall the "J-xxx" number right now).

Any thoughts on this are appreciated!

1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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