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2005 the end of the New Beetle?

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I just read in Motor Trend that the execs at VW are contemplating 2 possibilities for the New Beetle by the 2005 model year: a replacement (new platform)? or dumping it altogether. I'm aware that it doesn't sell as well as the other models, but I think it would be a huge mistake to discontinue the NB, in my case, the resurrection of the Beetle in 1998 was what got me back into VW dealerships in the first place, even though I'm a 4-door guy. When the original Beetle was discontinued back in the late 70's, that was the beginning of many years' downfall of the company in the US. Don't let history repeat itself!!!!!!!!!!!
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Re: 2005 the end of the New Beetle? (rustboy)

I also heard from a VW manager that indeed the New Beetle probably be phased out in about 3-4 years or even eariler.Sales are somewhat light compared to their other models and the "uniqueness" of the car is somewhat waning.I heard that the PT curiser lifespan would be shortened also.
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Re: 2005 the end of the New Beetle? (rustboy)

OHHHHHHHHH say it ain't so Joe!
But what do you except from a company that produced the Fox, Quantum, and 1.6 Liter Vanagon Diesel?
If they do this we can all just hope and pray that they build the New Microbus............ I hope that the NB has a 20 year run.
But just look at GM - no Firebird or Camaro ............. what's next MUSTANG?
Will all be on Segway's anyway in a few years.....

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Re: 2005 the end of the New Beetle? (Horrido Beetle)

I doubt that they'll drop it. With the sales that they have now (no where near as bad as Camaro or Firebird) it would be a VERY COSTLY mistake to drop it.
However, 2005 is 3 years away. A lot can happen in that time.
Re: 2005 the end of the New Beetle? (rustboy)

I always wondered if the NB would become the next Cabrio (the 2000+ are basically a MK3 in drag - i.e. mk4 facia on a mk3 platform).
How would you modify the NB for the MK5 platform? Its already in MK4 form a reproduction of the original, so how do you reinterpret it again?
Re: 2005 the end of the New Beetle? (BoraVR6)

goddamn the microbus is hot.
I think vw has made a mistkae by not relasing a convertible beetle at this point. Its time, and like the pt cruiser it will need some new fire to keep it going.
Re: 2005 the end of the New Beetle? (rs4-380)

Sing the sad song of the Corrado!
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Re: 2005 the end of the New Beetle? (rustboy)

If VW quits building the NB I wouldn't be surprised because they need enough volume to make enough money. I've been to Germany several times in the past two years and over there it is considered too expensive compared to the Golf and for Germans, it just looks like an old car. I have seen very few NBs on the Autobahn. For American Boomers, it evokes fond memories of our wasted youth!
But actually if they quit building it we have a Classic!
Re: 2005 the end of the New Beetle? (billd)

Very good point about the NB's reception in euprope. That is why they race them over ther, to try and build an image other then that of an old slow car like the orig. Since the begining we have all asked what will the next model year look like? Do you modernize it or go more retro?? Can we expect a split window with little chrome bumpers? Obviously not, but the industry guys I know joke about this issue with all the retro style cars. Just my ramblings...
Re: 2005 the end of the New Beetle? (Chet)

A little OT, but along the lines of updating retro designs:
It is a little interesting to me that BMW has already said its working on the second generation MINI platform for release a few years from now.
Re: 2005 the end of the New Beetle? (BoraVR6)

Okay, we'll see the New Beetle Cabrio for the first time when VWVortex goes to cover the New York Auto Show. That's about two months away. I can't see the next redesign of the Cabrio being New Beetle-based this late in the game if the New Beetle has two or three more model years left of its lifespan.
In Europe, the Golf outsells the New Beetle like a million to one, but in the United States it can be argued that the New Beetle's initial popularity had a large part in Volkswagen's comuppance in the United States in the past five years. And even with sales down by 30%, the New Beetle still regularly outsells the Golf (including GTI) by a margin of about 2:1.
It's a niche car in a small market. Hatchbacks aren't popular in the US, so Volkswagen couldn't have expected a hatchback to retain strong sales in a sedan/SUV/wagon market. Add to that the fact that the New Beetle is too unique and stand-out for most people. The average buyer, I think, comes into a Volkwagen showroom, loves to get a good look at the New Beetle, but never really thinks of actually buying one, and moves on to a sensible Jetta or Passat. Because that's what people in the US buy most: sedans.
Note that for the first time in a while, New Beetle sales are... less down. Whereas it's been averaging 30% decreases, in January sales were down 16%. We'll see what happens with the Turbo S on sale, and when the Cabrio comes out. And if we all convince anyone we know whose planning on a VW to get a standout New Beetle instead of a sensible Jetta
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Re: 2005 the end of the New Beetle? (ASurroca)

ahhh the NewBus, my next dub I think
modified ofcourse.
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Re: 2005 the end of the New Beetle? (18Tmadman)

quote:[HR][/HR]We can even predict what VW is going to due next week. How can we predict what will happen in 3 years. Hey buy then something else will come along. I do agree that they really need to do something to start the new beetle flame going again even the after market groups have been putting it on the back burner. I hate to see it but if the new beetle does get discontinued GOD DAMIT they better replace it with a new raddo. Along side of the turboS there is nothing that that have that can even be considered a sporty car. I mean the raddo was basically a poor mans 911 and with the beetle gone the VW scene is going to be all about the family transport mobiles. Nick
What about the GTI? They are a force to reckon with...no? By the time the NB is discontinued (2005) the MK5's should be seeping out. And if all goes right they will be optionally powered by a 3.2 liter VR6 with about 220+ hp! Now that's no joke!
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