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Friend has a 2006 Jetta 2.5l.

A while ago, they said that the car had stalled, and they were able to restart it. It went into limp mode, and they got it home and it sat a while.
Cranks, no start, also no check engine light. Instrument cluster also shuts off and on rapidly like its trying to reboot or something. Also no communication with ECM from scanner.
Attempted diag today, and found that red/black wire, pin 62, to ECM was corroded and damaged about 16" away from ECM plug. Repaired wire and instrument cluster now has check engine light.
Still crank, no start with constant on/off of instrument cluster.

Has error code for ECM power relay intermittent no power/open circuit. Also has data bus communication error. Can post all codes pulled from code scan if needed.
I did notice that when the scanner is performing code scan function (reads all modules) that when it is reading the data bus section that the instrument cluster does not repeatedly turn on/off.
Going to replace the power relay thats located under hood with a spare tomorrow.

Not sure where to go from here as I don't have access to wiring diagrams/voltage specifications. Owner will obtain some sort of manual tomorrow with that information.
If anyone has run into this issue, and knows whats going on, help would be extremely appreciated!

(suspecting more corroded/damaged wires somewhere in the main wire harness, or damaged components. Not sure the ecu is bad or the can bus module.)
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