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2007 B6 3.6 ID Broken Hose

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This hose is cracked on the other end. It goes behind and under throttle body. Electronic parking brake will not disengage. I'm guessing brake vacuum line. What hose is this? Part number will be helpful. Thank you .
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Parking brake is electronic. Hence why it's called "electronic parking brake". It runs on electrons not vacuum.
If it's not disengaging it's either the dash switch or caliper motor.
Replace the switch (stupid easy) or jack the car up and see which caliper is stuck. If it's both I'd venture a guess that it's the switch. If it's only one the motor is pooched.
If it's a bad motor unbolt the motor, wind the caliper (M8 spline I believe) and drive over to the parts store for a new one.
#20 ?

It's not #20. It's the hose which connects to this red circle.
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check my post here to look up parts and numbers

check my post here to look up parts and numbers

Thank you. That's it.
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