Up for sale, my 2007 B6 2.0T wagon. Just under 190k miles and very drivable. Silver on black. It's an early build Value Edition with the sunroof and CD changer. I am the second owner, having purchased it in 2008 from the original owner with 16k miles.

The bad stuff...

Front two fenders have paint fade from the sh*tty repaint after VW dealer damaged both fenders whilst in for service.
Slight paint cracking on the right rear bumper corner.
Subject to the occasional immobilizer active, but quickly solved by removing the key and reinserting.
Slight oil leak at the oil filter housing, never been a problem, just leaves a drop here or there.
The power liftgate likes a little assistance opening and closing

The good stuff.........

Tires are not very old/used(DWS06)
Car has always been properly maintained, routine maintenance
Between 150-155k miles the following has been done...
Replaced all timing gear, guides chain, tensioner, belts, and cam with complete reseal of the head. All done by a Certified VW tech, who is here on Vortex as well.
Replaced the 09G transmission with a 43k mile unit that we installed a brand new VW valve body into, shifts without flaw.
Replaced the headliner 18 months ago.
Rides on factory 17 inch Akiros wheels.
Replace the cam follower every 20k miles, just because I learned my lesson.
Still drives incredibly smooth for a car of it's age.

Can email photos upon request. Asking $2,500. Vehicle is currently located in San Diego.