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First car and first time on the forums, excuse the improper formatting or worder. But I will try to keep it simple.

I am getting a code for P0087 and trying to get advice on what could be causing it.

-Idle feels rough and vibrations are more intense than normal however RPMs seem to be fine.
-Whenever refueling, I lose all fuel pressure and car will take a while to crank over and once it does
it will misfire for a breif 5-10 seconds but I belive its due to lack of fuel pressure. But once the fuel pressure is back, the car seems to be normal.
-When coming to a stop at a stop light I will put it into neutral and the rpm will spike to 1100 for a split moment then drop. I believe this is happening because the car is under high vacuum?
-If the car is in high vacuum, like when going down a big hill and still in gear I will smell a strong fuel smell. I think it smells like too much fuel is being burnt? Its defiantly not an oil smell.

Things to consider:
-140k miles
-Down pipe, Catch can, and K04 turbo (no tune because i blew a k03 at 122k miles)
- Brand new spark plugs and ignition coils
-The loss of fuel pressure when refueling started after oil change and liqui moly injector cleaner
- I replaced fuel filter with quality Bosch replacement.
-Replaced Valve Cover gasket because old one was cracked.
- Emptied catch can
-Its possible there is a vacuum leak but I want to fix the p0087 before I tackle that.

I think it might be the fuel rail pressure sensor, or the low pressure fuel sensor and do not think its the cam follower because its not breaking up at high RPM. But want thoughts before I spend money on things that arent the problem.

I'm 18 and wanting to learn, so please do not tell me to go to a shop. Id rather suffer and learn than pay for someone else to do it.
I will also include a 10 ish min drive worth of data logging, I have no idea how to read it so if you can give me tips on what to look for that would be sick. And it might be completely useless but I have it.

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