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I'm planning to upgrade my 1.9TDi Caddy MK3 with a pair of oil catch cans. It has almost 200k Km, altough engine performs very well; and I wanna prevent degradation in this way.

I'd do a dual installation so that the upgrade works both on idle and on higher throttle, and also to prevent sludge not only on engine, but also on turbo.
Thus, if I'm correct, this would be the setup:
-Out from PCV, a Catch Can, to Intake Manifold
-From CCV, another Catch Can, to Turbo inlet.

I'm no expert though, and I wonder if this is correct after doing some thorough research.
Also, the manuals I found on Caddy 3 engine structure didn't show me where the connections are to be replaced. Any help on this matter?

Also, would you do a general sludge cleanse of the circuits before the installation, or after?
Gotta change the oil and filters soon, so it might be a good time to do the full upgrade.

Thank you very much for your help!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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