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2008 Audi TT Quattro 3.2 VR6 DSG
113,000 miles
All wheel drive
Magnetic ride suspension
I have all maintenance and OEM replacement records since ownership that includes over $7,000 in repairs. That includes the rear magnetic ride shocks, all wheel bearings, all brake pads and rotors, both window regulators, the dual mass flywheel, transmission mount and main fuel pump.

I had replaced the rear suitcase muffler with straight piping however, I have since gone back to the stock muffler setup since putting her up for sale. I do have the piping which will be included with the sale. The TPMS system has been deactivated via VCDS because of the crazy temperature fluctuations that kept causing the light to come on. Thanks Virginia weather.

I've kept up with all maintenance items. At 100,000 miles I did a complete flush and fill of all fluids and filters on the vehicle including engine oil, oil filter, fuel filter, cabin filter, transmission fluid, transmission filter, brake fluid and coolant. All suspension components have the rubber intact and in good condition and the transmission mount was replaced when the dual mass flywheel was replaced. All maintence items are up to date on her.
The only thing that doesn't work is the door light coming on when you open the doors. The lights themselves work individually, but the dome light switch needs to be replaced.

Last alignment that was done was during the dual mass flywheel replacement approximately 4 months ago. One of the wheels have a slight bend in them but the techs told me it's not a problem because it's so slight that the wheel weights take care of it. The right rear tire will need replacing soon. I speculate because the shop I took it to may have overinflated it by a few psi. I do have a set of freshly powder coated Avant Garde M230 wheels that are the same size and very close to the stock wheel offset that I can include for $11,500 to help make up for that. They're rare $1,200 wheels.

Everything runs exceptionally well and I make sure every time I start her up I let her run through everything so the cats are warmed up properly before driving. I always change the oil every 5k miles with synthetic and I always fill up with 93 octane. I have never once ran anything else. I do baby the hell out of her and rarely drive her now.

I do have a lein on her because it's being financed but it won't be a problem to go to the local bank here to have the title sent to you.

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