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Hi, I’m a new member. I don’t understand much about cars. I’m writing this post to get ideas how to fix a problem in my car. I want to show some ideas to the mechanic who is helping me.

I’m going to say in a few words about what happened to me. I went to a place to fix my headlight and the AC. I’m not going to give details because I don’t wanna take longer. But the mechanic did something to my car (I’m sure about that) because I felt that he had the intention to have me back there so he can fix and win more $$$. I know that because I noticed the problem as soon as get in the car. So I went back to talk to him, he saw me and tried to run from me. He was acting weird.

Here is the problem. All the PRNDS lights are selected. When I select R, D or S the car jumps. I also noticed that I can’t speed up to much because it seems that the gear is stucked, my guess is stucked on the 3rd gear.

Also the clock, date and travel reset every time the car shuts off. The date is stucked on 08/18/20 (the day that the guy screwed up my car). And if I reset the computer manually or using the scan the date that’s showing is still 08/18/20 instead of 01/01/01. I know that the date 01/01/01 is supposed to show up after resetting because that date is the date that always showed when reseted before this guys mess my car.

Also the Fuel gauge and the temperature gauge don’t go back to the beginning (zero), the needle stay in the same spot instead of drop when the car shuts off.

Some people are saying that the problem is the transmission. But the car stayed on the flor the entire time that the mechanic was working, he didn’t have access properly to the transmission. I know that they messed with a lot of fuse while working. I already had the fuses checked by another guy and fixed some issues related to that.

I also noticed that the guy stayed a lot of time with the scan and doing something with the dash/computer.

I don’t believe that this guy really messed up with the transmission. I think he did something simpler so that way I could noticed the problem and I could go back there and he would pretended to be something else, charge a lot of $$$ from me and fix it easily.

Anyone have a clue about what he possibly did? Maybe a wire disconnected (which one and where to look?) or he messed up with the computer/dash? All the fuse were checked. I have someone trying to help me. Because he didn’t find anything wrong in the transmission. Thanks!

It’s a VW Passat 2008 2.0 Turbo
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