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$1500 OBO
Clean Title
Runs good
Moves under its own power (can drive onto trailer)

184,000 miles

I fully intended to keep this car, i trusted it to go to 250k miles + no issues for what my opinion is worth. I intended to fix it and keep it but plans changed. it has brand name lowering springs on it, i forget the brand. the entirety of the rear suspension was replaced 6 months ago, along with a few parts of the front suspension. the parts included are mostly for the 1 side except for the adjustable camber and toe arms which are for both sides of the rear. (ECS adjustable tow arms, megan racing adjustable camber arms) Also included is an upper timing chain tensioner bolt. sounds like MILD oil starvation on startup sometimes, goes away in a second or 2. could be the tensioner bolt not actuating properly or could be something else. bought the part just a day before the accident so never got to install it.

interior is in good condition other than the headliner which was re-done poorly.
later model radio with apple car play and can be updated to function with android auto as well.
engine and transmission function great, reliably starts and drives.
has A4 bench seat in rear, comes with factory rear bucket seat set.
everything except the sunroof functions properly. abs light came on after accident, have not looked into it.
mufflers are cut off, still pretty quiet due to the 4 catalytic converters and middle muffler. (cut because 1 was bent from accident and I was going to do it anyways)
brand new battery, brake rotors, brake pads) from VW when I bought it ~1 year ago (from vw dealership)

hood latch pull broke, hood latch sticks, requires 2 people (one to pull the cable with pliers and one to pull on the hood,) issue existed before accident, idk why, probably needs a new cable.

the knuckle on the accident side as well as the axle and brake system seems to be ok. all of the suspension bits need to be replaced (parts included) and I would recommend a wheel bearing as well (not included). tire seems ok but who knows, all tires are only a couple months old, less than 2k miles on them.

Let me know if you have any more questions, I need to get help with the hood but i'll post a pic of the bay when I get a chance.


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Unfortunately, wrecked cars are worth very little. There’s a 2014 VR6 4motion with less damage and only 26k miles going for $500 at Copart right now. Your price is on the edge of the KBB Fair range, and this car currently isn’t fair.

Just tryin’ to help...:oops:
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