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*sold* 2009 GLI Candy White w/ 2013 Tiguan motor swap!

Great little car! Clean/clear title! Candy white, with Tartan plaid interior and moonroof! My wife is the second (and fourth) owner.... She sold it to her sister for a year. Then she gave it back to us... Anyways, the car had 30k miles when originally purchased, and now it has 139K... Has tons of options. See image of window sticker, or ask!

Pics available on craigslist...


- Recent engine swap! I have all the documentation, for the new motor, and the install! Runs great, and no warning lights or problems! It now has a completely stock, 2013 Volkswagen Tiguan motor. That's a four year newer motor, with all the manufacture upgrades. The paper work for the new motor shows it having 27k miles on it when installed. Car has been driven about 10k miles, since the swap/install, with no problems at all!

- Comes with all the paperwork for the new engine, and for the engine swap. See pictures for details.
- Brakes from Midas @ 115k miles. (no receipt)
- Tires from Costco @ 120k miles. (no receipt)
- ABS recall completed.
- All stock! Car has never been molested or modified!
- Clean title in my possession. No liens.
- Inspection good till July.
- Left front/drivers side headlight assembly is all brand new. We noticed the housing was cracked when replacing the light bulb, so had a new one installed. Right side could use some polishing to match the new one, but it's completely fine/functional. See pics.

--Known problems--

- Rear passenger door on drivers side won't lock.
- Small ding on rear passenger door drivers side. See pic.
- Small scuff on bumper. See pic.
- Some curb rash on wheels.
- Small crack on front bumper above license plate. See pic.
- Small gouge in sidewall of one tire. Holds air just fine, and it passed inspection. See pic.

It's a used car, SO ASK QUESTIONS! Will send/upload more pics of whatever you want to see! No returns! No warranties! No guarantees! Buyer must arrange shipping. Asking $5000
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