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My GTI MK5 recently had a timing chain tensioner malfunction. Needless to say my engine does not have compression. rather that spending the money to fix it, I would like to sell it as is.
This car is not running. Recently the timing chain tensioner malfunctioned and the engine does not have compression.
I just had the vehicle inspected las month and had the coil covers replaced(BCBR set), tie rods, and ball joints.
Its has CTS downpipes and cat back turn exhaust, CTS carbon fiber turbo intake and BBS aluminum 18"rims.
It is a 2-door manual transmission and the body and interior are in good shape. Other than the headliner which needs replaced. It has a bluetooth/CarPlay stereo upgrade. This car will require you to tow it to your desired location upon sale. Sold as is. Engine has approx. 144K miles.

Note: Certain VW have this specific issue enough that there has been a class action lawsuit to reimburse for repairs or replacement of engine. The lawsuit is closed as of 1/2019 and therefore I do not qualify. Do not seem fair, but that's what I hear.

This is why I am selling it. I do not want to put the $$ or time into it. I also think that it would be a shame to junk this car.
So let me know if you're interested and I can get you pics and more info/car history report, etc.

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