2011 GTI Autobahn in United Grey currently for sale. Asking $3000 or best offer.

I bought this car at 100K miles and put about 35K in the 6 or so years I've owned it. I'm the second owner and have a clear title in hand for the car. It has been reliable during that time until a timing chain failure last year on a ride back from Stroudsburg PA.

The head, timing chain, valves, VVT magnet, plugs and related parts were all replaced shortly after. New balance shafts and a starter were also installed at that time. Euro Addiction / Drive Auto in Clifton performed the work and got back me back up and running. I have receipts for the $3500 worth of work and all other previous work. All previous work was also done at EE / Drive or Quattrohaus.

The car began leaking 1 quart of oil every month since summer of last year due to a leaky RMS. I have been topping it off since then and changing the oil at 5K, hoping to repair it this summer. I don't drive often, but should have repaired that sooner. The last full oil change was about 2 weeks ago.

After repairing the shifter bushings, PCV diaphragm, and DP last week, I took the car for a test drive. The diaphragm and DP repair did repair the P2096 lean code but the car felt weaker than normal on the way back and a low oil pressure lamp / MIL came up. The engine developed a knocking sound around 2500 RPM. I parked the car for the day and had it towed to the mechanic 2 days later.

Our suspicion is that the engine has spun a bearing. No misfire or timing-related codes are showing when I scan the car via VCDS and the car starts right up, but I don't want to worsen the condition by continuing to drive the car.

Honestly, I'm crushed. The last 2 years have been incredibly challenging and I worked my ass off to do what I could to keep the car in good order. I don't live near a garage where I can swap the shortblock myself, otherwise that would be the next move. For now, I'll be relocating the car to my Pop's house in Neptune City (I live in Jersey City)

If you're lucky to have access to a space to work on the car, or need a donor car with good parts, this is a great find. Happy to share additional pictures, records, VCDS exports for serious inquirers.

Autobahn package features. All available and working:
  • Leather seats
  • Bi-Xenon HID headlights
  • RNS310 (BT, GPS, Touchscreen)
  • Sunroof (rear drains need to be cleared, currently taped up)
  • Kessy keyless entry
  • Dynaudio

Aftermarket / Performance:
  • APR Stage 2+
  • Neuspeed P-Flo CAI
  • Neuspeed Short shifter (solid bushings added last week)
  • RSR Clutch: LuK Fflywheel, Audi TTRS Clutch Kit and Disc (2018)
  • AWE Downpipe with Cat (passes NJ inspection without issues / spacers, etc.)
  • WeatherTech Floor liners

  • Exhaust leaks repaired (DP flange leak repaired, flex section replaced)
  • Aero wipers replaced (2022)
  • Mann fuel and cabin filters replaced (2022)
  • NJ inspection OK (2022 - 2023)
  • PCV Diaphragm (2022)
  • Recently rebuilt head (2021)
  • Full OEM timing kit (2021)
  • Duralast battery (2021)
  • Starter replaced (2021)
  • 3 General G-Max AS-05 tires, one non matching tire with equal tread (2021)
  • Carbon Cleaning - Performed 8/2017
  • VW Injectors / Carbon cleaning - Performed 8/2017

  • The headliner is sinking in the rear of the car
  • Small rock chips here and there on the hood and little dents from city driving (nothing major, see photos)
  • Brakes are OK, but need replacement by winter
  • Glovebox lock doesn't work (but it does open and close fine)
  • Curb rash from living outside
  • Reach shelf cords are missing.

I can be reached via phone, and email: [email protected], 407-454- two eight too ate