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Hello All!


for the last week I've been searching high and low to make sure I can run an aftermarket reverse camera into my AVIC-Z120BT. I know a lot of people here opt for the flip hatch camera but I didn't think that was option with this HU. so i found some guides and images from other forums on how the rear bumper light wires ran and used that.

1.In short, the very first thing I did was take out the passenger side rear carpet similar to how you would take out the tail light. google is your friend there! I found one post very helpful in explaining that the lights from the license plate only ran up the passenger side. so no gues work there. I found the rubber plug that the wire came through and unpluged it from teh chassi.

2.the trick was to fish the RVC wire through the 3/8 hole i drilled path and up the rubber plug. I drilled a 3/8 size hole center of the lisence plate and began fishing the wire through that. I used a thick roll of solder wire. the ones plumbers use. it was strong enough to fish though and flexiable enough to curve around the bumper and up the rubber plug. i did all this while under the bumper with one hand pushing from the top and the other pulling. that was easy enough!

3. once i got to the rubber plug I cut a small hole for the wire to pass and plugged it back up.
then I removed the trim that runs across the hatch. pull with force and be careful because the plastic plugs can crack. then removed a few torq scres to gain better access. ran the RVC wire up and over the rear passenger seat and then down to the floor pillar. no need to remove any trims from the rear seat since the wire was thin enough to squeeze in between. I did this all the way up to the from passenger and under the glove box.

4. under the glove box, there is a piece of carpet/protector held on with 2 plastic screws, just unscrew them off and pull out the carpet piece. now you room to hide more RVC wire and run it up against the side to where the HU is.

5. from the HU I solderd the red wire to ACC of the AVIC and black to ground. plugged in the brown colored RCA to the corresponding RCA from the AVIC. used my arm to fish the ND-BC4 little power unit down the side to meet the RVC wire plug and made the connection there. rolled up all the wires and placed it in the littel cubby area thats on the upper left area of the passenger leg area.

pic for you enjoyment and youtube.

thank you all!
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