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Hi all,

My front left fog light has a cracked lens, dealer has informed me that the lens can't be replaced and I need to replace entire fog light assembly. Here in Sudbury, Ontario, he quoted me ~$180 (for one light), little ridiculous,
I have researched these replacements:
ECS ->$90+$41 shipping
Auto Parts Warehouse -> $67 free shipping
Ebay -> $39 free shipping

I think the ebay ones would be cheap, but aren't all auto part made cheap?
The Auto Parts warehouse ones says they will fit, but I don't need all the cables, wires and grilles, (left grille is no good for my car anyway as the coolant heater outlet is located there)
And ECS seems to have a good reputation, however expensive and shipping is brutal, $41 to ship 1lb of product.

Anyone have any experience purchasing replacements?


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