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Well, in keeping the new fresh ideas rolling; we decided to reinvent the Summer Solstice BBQ and Drive. This year we are going to drive first then relax with fellow dubbers, friends, and families for a nice BBQ in the park. We have broken this down into two parts. Of course your entire family is invited, even the dog! Heck, we do not even care if you are in this club, that club or no club; just come on out and have fun with like-minded enthusiasts! After all; isn’t this what it is all about?

Date: June 25th, 2011

The Drive
Time: 11:00am

Location: Starbucks, 7403 West Chatfield Littleton, CO

Description: Every Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche and all other Euro cars are invited to participate in a nice mountain cruise. We will be driving up some twisties to take in the scenery and enjoy the beautiful landscape and fresh mountain air Colorado has to offer. Safe and courteous driving is what we are looking for. We know there will be roadside traffic on the entire route, so we want to be safe and still fun. We are going to meet in the parking lot just west of Starbucks. There is a Conoco station close and it is easy to get back on Wadsworth to start the drive up the foothills.

Time: 3:00pm

Location: Lasley Park, 1401 S. Kendall St., Lakewood, CO

Description: Every car, driver and passenger that wants to join us at the park for the BBQ is invited. If you were on the drive or not!! MetroDubs.com will provide the burgers, brats, and buns. Please help out and bring side dishes, condiments, plates, napkins and drinks. We will grill up the food and have some good old fashioned fun. BYOB (Consumption of alcohol (other than beer) without an Alcohol Permit is prohibited)

Amenities: Picnic Shelters, BBQ Grills, Playground, Basketball Court, Volleyball Court, Tennis Court, Walking Paths, & Restrooms.

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Now I'm no expert on such things so I'll throw this out there as my opinion.

When planning a VW GTG for meeting friends (new and old) in the park for BBQ, it's usually a good idea to be there when you say you will.

I rolled by at 3:05 and saw cars there (nice mulberry Fox), while other cars were arriving. I assumed this left me time to go get some cookies and chips at the corner store. Coming back to the "GTG" at 3:25 everyone was gone.

To the 4 others VW's rolling slow around the park, you had the right place, just the hosts F'ed up.

What happened?
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