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Greetings ... 2011 Tiguan 4M.

I'm in my new project to replace the coolant pump, thermostat, and oil cooler. I have already drained (most of) the coolant and removed quite a few large hoses in the way.

I followed the advice of a far more senior fellow here Qmulus, as well as the VW Repair Guide, that there is no need to remove the dreaded intake manifold. But I'm puzzled at how to remove the two large coolant hoses to and from the engine cooling.

The VW manual simply says, "pull off the hoses", probably right in a way as there is no spring clamp on either hose. At their ends are a plastic piece somehow connected to the engine cooling interface. I tried to pull, but it doesn't move a mm. There is no indication of how to remove them.

Would anyone having done this mind sharing how these two hoses should be removed? Thanks so much!

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