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Symptom was just overheating.
Finally found out the intake balance seized, and water pump not driven (prior had done new water pump, thermostat, various trial/errors to troubleshoot running 'hot').
car was otherwise running fine with seize shaft (chain had jumped off BUT GLIDING FINE ON THE LITTLE LEDGE !!!!)

Replaced both balance shafts and did timing service (new parts).

Continue to get low oil pressure (measured to rule out bad pressure switches, etc).
Since oil pressure was fine EVEN WITH SEIZED INTAKE BALANCE SHAFT, the low oil pressure proble is caused by the the new balance shafts or new timing equipment, or installation error.

A) Equipment: Is it possible that the new shafts 'bleed' too much oil causing the oil pressure to drop? What other equipment that was changed during the process could cause 'low oil pressure'?
B) Installation: what could have been done wrong to cause the low oil pressure? Which parts (and their installation) have an EFFECT on oil pressure?

Looking for suggestions, ideas, etc since it is now clear that the low oil pressure only occured AFTER new equipment was installed, and NOT directly caused by the seizing of the intake balance shaft (or potential damaged caused by it).
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