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Hello Everyone,

First off No Trades

Price: SOLD

2012 Rising Blue Golf R
61k miles (daily driver so it'll go up)
2nd Owner (Purchased from first owner at 15k miles)
Car has never been tracked
Car has seen 2 winters (no rust or any nonsense like that)
0 accidents

Reason for sale: I'm actually selling because my wife and I are sick of not having a large vehicle to haul/tow things. We are upside down on her chevy volt (because the blue books tanked on those things) so the only option is to sell this vehicle to purchase a 4 door Jeep for some convenience in our lives. This has been my favorite car I've owned and by far the most well done. I love this car and will be sad to see it go but I'm sick of having to borrow vehicles to do things we want to do.

Life of Car:
Take Ownership at 15k miles - Completely Stock except OEM Euro Tails and Upgraded Rear View Mirror with Homelink
Loaded Stage 2 at 20k miles
43k Miles~ - IE450 Kit Installed, BFI Stage 4 Kit Installed, Competition Haldex Installed
Oil changed every 10k by dealer up to 30k miles then every 5k by me (with a new cam follower each time) since then. Oil was changed 1.8k miles ago along with cam follower.

CTS Turbo Throttle Pipe
IE Intercooler
IE 450T Turbo Kit
IE Downpipe
BorgWarner EFR 6758 Twin Scroll Turbo
IE Exhaust Manifold
IE Charge Pipe
IE Cai intake
Vag Com

CTS Catback
IE Downpipe (non-catted)

Diesel Geek Short Shifter
BFI Stage 4 Clutch Setup
Torque Arm Insert BSH
034 Street Density Engine/Trans Mounts
HPA Comp Controller
BMS Clutch Stop

18x8 OZ Superturisom LM MGS
Continental DW
Michelin x-ice xi3
Stock Powdercoated Wheels

VWR Springs
H&R Sway Bars


Stoptech Slotted Rotors - rears not installed but will come with
Stoptech Stainless Lines
ATE Type 200 Brake Fluid

Newsouth boost gauge/vent pod
BFI Heavyweight Alcantara shift knob
Interior LED’s

IE Badge
OEM Euro Tails
Black Front Badge
Blue/Black Rear Badge

Goods: Car is an amazing DD. With all the modifications stated above it is a great daily. The clutch isn't too stiff, the turbo isn't too big, the ride isn't too stiff. That being said with the DW's on the car handles great and has plenty of power to boot. All of the issues have been worked out with IE and the car purrs now.

Bad: The diesel geek shifter makes it not shift smoothly at higher rpms (this is only an issue when getting on it). The good news is I have all the stock shifter stuff still in a bag that will come with the car, or you can spend money on APR or Forge's setup and I hear both of those fix this. I believe 2 of the DW tires need to be replaced because of a bad alignment. The issue has been resolved and there is a good alignment on the car as of 7-8 months ago.

I used to detail cars professionally so this car has always been taken care of and has always been stored in a garage. I will detail the interior one more time before anyone buys it so the seats will be re-conditioned/treated as well as the dash/steering wheel.

The winter tires probably have 2 - 3 more winters on them. The wheels they are mounted to are the stock wheels. I had them professionally powdercoated to red with a little metallic.

Let me know if you have any questions. I'm pretty firm on the price and not even considering trades. No joy rides. No "test drives" without money in hand to buy the car.

Contact Info:
[email protected]

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Good luck with the sale. I followed your build for a long time; it's a great ride and a terrific buy.
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