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**$100 for anyone who finds me a buyer**
2012 Volkswagen VW Passat SE 2.5l 5 speed manual. This car is an amazing daily driver, very comfortable, economical and relatively rare with the manual transmission. These engines are known to be one of the most reliable engines that VW ever made (we currently have two in the family). The car has 86k miles and runs wonderfully.
-I am the third owner of the car. Clean title, adult owned since new
-All maintenance records from local VW dealership since new
-All keys included, as well as original window sticker
-New tires installed last November, still have 9/32nds left
-As of 5/18, the car received an oil change, tire rotation, and spark plug replacement as well as a full inspection at the local VW dealership
-Bluetooth connectivity (Phone, music), dual zone climate control, heated seats, touchscreen radio, multi function display, cruise control, auto dimming mirror and many others
-The car also has Hill Assist which is a great feature. When taking off on a hill, the car senses it and will hold the brake so it doesn't roll backwards.
-The interior is a 9/10. Just one small spot on the driver's seat that shows wear (very common spot for VW). The exterior is also a 9/10. There are a couple of small scratches that could probably be buffed out.
-I am surely missing a lot of details, so please let me know if you have any additional questions.
This car truly drives great. No suspension noises at all, the engine runs smooth, interior has no rattles or creaks, and the clutch and transmission show no signs of wear. Clutch pedal still grabs low, no slipping at all and pulls nicely through all the gears. You could never tell this car has 86k miles, it really drives like new. It can also comfortably fit 5 adults inside, very spacious!
The Passat really needs nothing; you'd be more than welcome to have an inspection done at the local dealership or mechanic of choice.
Over the past 2.5k miles I've averaged 29.3 MPG driving mixed highway and city. This takes regular gas so it is very cheap to maintain and run. As stated before, this is a bulletproof engine and as long as the oil is changed they will run forever.

For pictures, please follow the craigslist post below:
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