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Let me preface my questions by saying that I work for a VW dealership so I can get service and repairs done on my cars for a significant discount, including bringing my own parts for installation.
One of our IT staff traded in his personal 2013 A6 2.0 quattro. He maintained the car very well (at least via an initial look at the Carfax and a personal conversation) and 70%+ of the 98k mileage is highway. I'm thinking about buying it as my purchase price is very attractive.

I've never owned an Audi turbo and all the VW turbos I've had were gone long before 100k. I'm wondering how reliable the car will be after the 100k mark? Can I get another 100k without dropping a ton of $$ into the car? I'm also wondering what is coming up at 100k....timing chain tensioner, water pump, plugs...? He obviously didn't perform any 100k service/itmes before trade in. Any feedback would be great. Thank you!
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