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Hello, I thought I would post here first before having to deal with Craigslist and the sort.

2013 GTI 94,xxx. 1 owner, no mods besides window tint and Audi b6 17’ wheels. Never been tuned.

Not sure what “model” this is, but It came factory with:

Carbon Grey, Laguna Wheels, Navigation, Sunroof, Plaid Heated seats, LED running lights with Adaptive HID headlamps. Golfball gear shifter, red lined floor carpet mats along with GTI monster mats.

I bought this car brand new at Dick Hannah Portland in March ‘13 when I traded in my TDI Passat. I planned on keeping this car forever, but I just bought a q5 and this is the 3rd car so it’s just been sitting more and more since the wife works from home now.

Oil changes every 5k with liqui-moly 5w40 and Mann filters. Oil was just changed less then 50 miles ago.

DSG fluid was changed at 40k with liqui-moly Fluid and OEM filter, and changed again at 70k. (Judging how dirty the fluid was I think 30k intervals are more appropriate)

Most importantly It has the updated timing chain tensioner from the factory.

I have a list of maintenance I’ve done to this car originally using the VW dealer until I realized what a scam they are, then doing all the work myself with the help of my good friend who happens to be a former Audi mechanic.

- water pump twice ( ongoing lawsuit against VW) 2nd with the most updated one.

- secondary low pressure fuel pump.

  • intake manifold (replaced under warranty, flapper motor went bad)
  • Carbon cleaning twice (58,000 by VW dealer and around 75,000 when I installed 2nd water pump.
  • Radiator less then 5k miles ago (rock chip caused a small leak)
  • Brake pads ( Textar)and Rotors(Zimmerman) front and back (around 70k)
  • Spark plugs done at 40k and 70k
I’m sure there’s more, just need to look for paperwork.

Like I said, my wife and I have really taken good care of this car since we were going to keep it for along time. Always premium gas, letting it warm up before hard acceleration etc. Actually my mechanic said we’re too easy on it, and we should keep the RPM’s above 3k once a drive for the carbon problem on the direct injection motors.

Only one flaw I know with this car:

The front passenger side bumper is scrapped underneath from a curb, I already replaced the bumper once professionally but some people have a hard time getting used to how low the GTI sits, so I never fixed it the 2nd time. It’s just the plastic bumper not any metal that’s scrapped.

Let me know if you have any questions. I can send more pics on request. I was thinking $12,000 OBO

Thanks for looking!
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