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2013 Audi S4 – Prestige Package

Transmission: 7-Speed Audi S-Tronic (DSG)
Mileage: 77,000
Exterior: Brilliant Black
Interior: Black/Magma Red

Factory Options:
Prestige Package ($6250) which includes
  • Audi adaptive light
  • Audi side assist
  • Audi Advanced Key
  • Bang&Olufsen Sound System
  • Audi MMI Navigation plus package
Fine Nappa Leather ($1250)
Sports Differential ($1250)
19’ 5-segment-spoke wheels, summer tires ($800)
Power rear sunshade & manual side shades ($500)
Carbon Atlas inlays ($500)
Wheels: OE 19” Audi “Peelers” that were ordered from the factory with the car. 2 of the 4 wheels are brand new
Tires: 255/35/ZR19 96Y Continental Contact DW Extreme (2 of 4 have 7-8/32 of tread, the other 2 have closer to 5/32)
Brakes: stock spec pads/rotors with less than 5k on them

The car was maintained by Audi for its entire life prior to my ownership (including the 55k mile spark plug service). Over the past 2500 miles, I’ve taken care of the following (including the recommended 75k mile service):
OE Audi DSG fluid
OE Audi Transmission seal with all new hardware
OE Audi external DSG filter
OE Audi internal DSG filter
Oil change using Mobile1 0w-40 European Car formula, OE filter, o-ring, and drain plug
OEM Engine air filter
OEM Cabin air filter
OEM Transmission mount replaced, with OE Audi Hardware
034 Motorsports Billet transmission mount insert (this is the only ‘modification’ to speak of )
ECU & TCU were updated and the DSG Clutchpack adaptations were reset
Brake fluid flush using ATE DOT4 brake fluid

Mechanically, the car is in fairly impeccable condition. It drives flawlessly, shifts flawlessly (unlike many B8/B8.5’s), has 0 issues, and actually even passed a full 2-hour long, $350 Audi inspection when I was kicking around the idea of throwing a warranty on the car for the next couple of years for peace of mind (I can send any serious buyer a copy of this report to look at). It’s been gone over with a fine tooth comb with no expenses spared to bring it up to spec, and dialing the car in, maintenance-wise. The only mechanical info of note is that the previous owner purchased brake pads without sensors, so I purchased an ECS brake pad wear sensor byepass.

It’s never been smoked in, no pets, etc., but the previous owner sustained what the Carfax described as ‘Minor damage’ when an old lady briefly changed lanes into the car a few years back. A few panels on the right side were resprayed, but no expense was spared (ie. the broken right side mirror, right headlight, and two scuffed wheels were replaced) in the repair. I’m fairly picky, and this Carfax history didn’t bother me due to the spec of the car, the quality of the car, the nature of the accident, the quality of the repair, and the fact that almost every single B8.5 I could find either had a Carfax history, or some sort of damage that was not included in the Carfax, but was far more severe than the minor damage to this car.

The interior is absolutely fantastic, save for the ever so slight evidence of your standard used car wear and tear.

The exterior looks incredible, as I completely paint corrected the car a few months back and have maintained it since. That said, it is a 75k+ mile, 7 year old car that has spent time on the highway. It has some stone chips, a couple small touched up scratches, as well as some standard used car imperfections. If I end up keeping the car, I’ll definitely have the hood and front bumper resprayed at some point. All of that said, I am fairly anal with my cars, and most people call me crazy when I obsessively nitpick over my cars’ flaws.

The car will come with the factory carpeted floor mats, the factory owner’s manual and case, and unfortunately, only one Audi Advanced Key.

This was a 2-owner car before I purchased it in March of 2019. The car spent most of its life in Southern California (ie. no rust, no salt exposure, very little rain/no snow), until the previous owner moved from San Diego to Michigan to Virginia in less than a year (he was in the military).

After my previous daily driver was unceremoniously totaled by an 80 year old bus driver in December, I spent quite a bit of time looking for this exact car, with this exact spec, that had not been exposed to the car-killing weather of the Northeast. I jumped on this car the second I found it.

This is my 4th S4, I love it, it is the absolute perfect daily driver. It has the comfort and sophistication that all of my b5’s lacked, as well as the bulletproof reliability that my b6 lacked. All of that said, I’ve come to the somewhat disheartening conclusion while enjoying the car over the past few months, that I really do need something bigger than a sports sedan at this point in my life.

I drive like an old lady (usually in comfort mode), and have never take this or any of my cars on a track. I can also confirm that the previous owner spent most of his time in this car taking longer cross-country drives, and that he was such a non-sporty driver, that he was unaware that the car could be put into dynamic mode, let alone that it came equipped with the unbelievably noticeable Sports Diff. option.

The price is $22,950 OBO.

The only trade I’d remotely consider would be a lower mile 05-up Lexus GX470 or LX470 plus cash on your end. If you are in some sort of situation where you will need financing to buy this car, please sort that out before you reach out to me to kick any tires.

I have the title in hand. The car is located in Morristown, NJ, but I’m willing to ship at your expense.

Text/call me if you’d like 201.Six02.Seven670, shoot me an email surfmeng22ATgmail.com, or PM me.

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