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Hi All,

I'm new to this forum and was looking for a little help.

The rear offside window regulator has failed on my 2014 A3 8V Sportback. I managed to remove the door card and get the window back up and screwed a self tapper into the existing regulator to keep the window up. I've also purchased a used regulator from a 2019 model off ebay which is the same part number. Wouldn't usually buy 2nd used parts but its only a few years old and should outlast my ownership of the car.

Does anyone have any experience in removing the glass from the door? I've googled it and looked at dozzens of videos but cant find anything for the 8V, theres loads of 8P guides but the 8V is completley different.

There are 2x clips holding the window in place both at the front and rear of the window and I cant figure out how I can possibly get them all off at the same time without making some kind of tool.

If anyone has any experience in this i would be very grateful if you could share your method. I'm going to give it another go over the weekend and will share my results when i can figure out how to do it. Although in the meantime any help would be very much appreciated.

Many Thanks
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