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Alright, I've had this problem for a while with no fix so I'm here as a last result as I havent found anything on the forums that solved this issue. Been having the issue where the EPC light will come on, the car will throw code P0236 and the car will be low on power and jerk when getting on or letting off the gas (im assuming the car is in some type limp mode). The car drive absolutely perfect when the EPC light does not come on and the code is not thrown, so mechanically I don't believe there is an issue. I brought it to multiple shops and did work on it myself, so far this is what has been done (related or not related to fixing this issue).
-spark plugs (VW dealership "fix" to the issue)
-pcv valve replaced
-MAP sensor replaced (top one located on the manifold)
-boost pressure sensor replaced

And still no luck, my thoughts now are a wiring issue or PCM issue but Im hoping maybe someone has experienced the same thing and had an easier solution. Thanks!
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