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I still have yet to see someone build a 1.8t Fwd Audi A3 I’m wondering if anyone else has built one and also has advice on where to go next upgraded fuel lines, fuel pump, is my water pump gonna go do u need a secondary coolant tank, should I add meth, do I go stage 3 and tune for e85. I really want to be sitting around 380-400 to the front wheels and I’m about 320 to 340 after turbo upgrade and stage 2+ tune. Would love suggestions on more mods running out of ideas. Also I have figured out most Golf R and S3 parts fit on the 1.8t fwd when 90% of forums say the parts don’t swap because it’s not “the s line” LIES most my parts are S3 or Golf R parts. Here are my current mods.
Resonater delete kit $150
Cts throttle pipe $160
Stage 2+ Ecu tune Stage $1000
Stage 2 Dsg Tcu tune $800
Cts pulley upgrade $200
Apr GOLF R quad tip axle back $800
Rear Sway bar $200
H&R sport springs $310
Golf R/S3 intercooler $500
Cts down pipe $550
Cts is38 from Golf r turbo upgrade $900
MQB air duct block off $30
Lower Torque arm insert $40
Ecs Diverter valve spacer $50
High flow Drop in air filter $70
Cts Tubro inlet $70
Ecs cold air Intake tube $60
Turbo Muffler delete $120
Rs7 coil pack/ spark plugs $220
Cts turbo outlet kit $200
IE charge pipes $100
High performance brake fluid $60
O2 sensor spacer $30
S3 rear bumper $700 Paint $300
Rain guards $115
Unitronic P3 V3 Multi Gauge $400
2015 S3 rear diffuser with rain light $600
Still want to add on A3
Neuspeed Brake lines $145
Stoptech slotted rotors $400
Stoptech calipers $300
Front lip diffuser $200
Stage 2 Fuel pump $400
Oil catch can $700
Front sway bar $250
Michelin Sport cup Tires $1000-1500
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