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Location: Pompano Beach, FL. 33069
30 minutes from ft.lauderdale
45 minutes to 1 hour from Miami
45 minutes to 1 hour from West Palm Beach
Tons of stuff and local pickup is welcomed
and preferred! Cash pickup is king!

I have a 2015 Audi S4 for parts. It’s a
minor flood car with title problems so
don’t ask for the entire car. Cannot be
registered in the U.S. EVER AGAIN. The
exterior is complete & mint as is the interior.
Videos and pictures will be given to prove
everythings condition and function. As well
as the car running & driving.

All body panels will ship greyhound only
and you must pickup at your closest hub or arrange
your own courier service from there. Large, heavy
and irregular size packages will only go greyhound like
dashboards & driveshafts for example. Drivetrain
components like engines, transmissions, subframes, and
differentials will only go ABF Freight to a commercial address
with loading dock or forklift or your closest hub for pickup.
If you need residential liftgate delivery you will pay extra
for it. Regular/average size packages will go usps priority
flat rate or ground to your home or business. Proof of
professional installation is required to receive a warranty
or money back. I am not responsible if you don’t read this
and verify with me before purchasing, thanks.

Cars specs:
LZ7S Daytona Grey Pearl
Lunar interior black & white leather with heat & memory
Carbon fiber interior trim
Sport rear diff
dynamic steering
B&O sound system
Black optics package
3g+ MMI/Bluetooth
Lane assist mirrors with heated & auto dim glass
backup camera
AFS headlights

Parts list:


1. Complete CTUB dropout with 72k-$4500 shipped
From this newest car/ complete with all accessories
$4000 picked up Dealer serviced an stock its entire
life. 110% mint possibly dealer replaced. No fluids
visible and perfect compression across the board.
Not a spec of oil or grease stains.


1. PWW 7 speed complete dropout with 66k—$2000 shipped
$1750 picked up

2. PWW 7 speed complete dropout with 70k—$2000 shipped
From this car/ $1650 picked up

3. NSC 7 speed complete dropout with 79k—SOLD

4. 10’ LHK 7 speed v1.0 with 75k—$1750 shipped
$1400 picked up

Rear differentials:

1. MKX sport rear diff swap with 70k—$1,000 shipped
Just rear diff—$750 shipped/current car
$750/$600 picked up

2. MKX sport rear diff swap with 79k—$1,000 shipped
Just rear diff—$750 shipped $750/$600 picked up

3. MKX sport rear diff swap with 87k—$1,000 shipped
Just rear diff—$750 shipped $750/$600 picked up

4. JKS regular rear diff with 66k—$350 shipped
Includes heat shields, gaskets, and all hardware
$250 picked up

5. JKS regular rear diff with 13k—$150 + shipping
Needs a new case, front bolt hole broke off
$100 picked up


1. Mint Lunar seats and door cards—$2000 shipped or $1750 picked up
Or $1500 and buyer pays shipping

2. carbon fiber trim—SOLD

3. Mint steering wheel & airbag—SOLD

4. Mint facelift s4 dsg shift knob & boot—SOLD

5. Mint aluminum pedals & dead pedal—$150 shipped/$120 picked up
Dead pedals with ZERO broken plastic tabs—only two sets left now

6. Mint 6 speed shift knob & boot—SOLD

7. Mint center console lid—$115 shipped/$100 picked up
Silver/white stitching

8. Mint gloveboxes—$100 + shipping/$100 picked up

9. Mint dashboards—$250 + shipping/$200 picked up

10. Mint floor mat sets—$100 shipped/$75 picked up

11. Mint center consoles—$100 + shipping

12. Air vents—$58 shipped per vent/$50 picked up

13. Seat belts—$58 shipped per seat belt/$50 picked up

14. Mint complete black headliner swap—$750 shipped/$500 picked up
Complete swap with everything. Headliner,
A,B, C pillars, visors, visor clips, grab handles,
dome lights, rear view mirror, rear view plastic
trim, sunroof sunshade panel, etc. Shipping due
to the headliner is $200-$300.

15. Rear deck lids—$50 + shipping

Body/ Exterior:

1. Daytona front bumper—$1,000 Shipped
Complete with washer, tow hook covers, brackets
A couple chipped pieces of paint on drivers side

2. Mint Daytona fenders—$400 shipped per fender/$300 picked up
Also have two black passenger fenders—$250 shipped/ $150
picked up. Black ones need PDR near A-pillar area

3. Mint Daytona hood—$250 picked up

4.Mint Daytona side skirts/blades—$350 shipped/$250 picked up
I have glacier white & brilliant black—$200 shipped/ $100 picked up

5. Mint Daytona rear bumper w parking sensors—SOLD
Glacier white—SOLD
Also have brilliant black—$450 shipped/$300 picked up.

6. Mint Daytona trunk lid—$500 shipped/$350 picked up
Will include emblems, plate bracket, hinges, struts, led
plate lights, carpet trim panel.

7. Mint Daytona 1/4 panels—$600 shipped per side/$400 picked up

8. Mint complete Daytona doors—$500 shipped/$350 picked up
Glass, modules, motors, regulators, wiring harness, all included
Lots of other colors available—$400 shipped/$200 picked up

9. Mint Daytona mirror assemblies—$350 shipped/$300 picked up
Mint estoril blue mirror assemblies—SOLD

10. Mint black optic grill & matching bumper grills—$600 shipped
Just front grill-$400 shipped/$300 picked up
Just fog grills- $250 shipped/ $200 picked up

11. Mint black optic window trim—SOLD

12. Mint B8.5 S4 badge set. Front, rear, and supercharged
fender badges—$150 shipped/ or $50 per

13.mint Core support—$350 shipped/$250 picked up

14. Headlight brackets—SOLD

15. Mint factory fender liner set—FRONTS SOLD
Rears $50 + shipping per piece

16. Mint underbody splash shields—$100 + shipping per panel
Will come with all hardware. Engine cover sold. Have: radiator,
tranny, long sides and all 4 short trays.

17. Sunroof assemblies with motor —$250 shipped

18. Windows—$100 shipped

19. Mint Rain tray—$100 shipped

20. Wiper arms—$75 shipped

Wheels & tires

1. 2015+ black optic wheels with Pirelli tires—$1,200 shipped OBO
Minor curb rash and one tire with bad camber wear

2. Mint spare tires with roadside
tool kits—$100 + shipping


1. Mint B8.5 FL AFS headlights—$750 shipped/ $650 picked up
These lights are AFS and sell for $500+ per side USED!!!

2. Mint rear taillight sets—$400 shipped/$300 picked up
Just two lights—$225 shipped/$200 picked up
Just one light—$150 shipped/$100 picked up
Tons of sets

3. Mint fog light set—$150 shipped
Fog sets with missing tabs—$65 shipped

Sound System/Electrical:

1. 3g+ MMI—$600 shipped/$500 picked up
3g MMI—$400 shipped/$300 picked up
Have a bunch

2. B&O full speaker set with amp—$350 shipped/$300 picked up

3. B&O speaker grill set—$350 shipped/$300 picked up

4. Full chassis/body harness—$500 shipped
Over 30ft and 20-30lbs of just wiring.

5. Starter harnesses—$100 shipped

6. Steering rack harnesses—$58 shipped

7. B8.5 Facelift clusters—$116 shipped
I have a bunch...

8. Window motors—$125 shipped for all 4

9. Door modules—$125 shipped for all 4

10. Door lock actuators—$200 all 4

11. Body control modules—$65 shipped

12. Fuse boxes—$50 shipped

13. headlight switch panels —$50 shipped

14. Radio unit in trunk—$115 shipped

15. Windshield wiper motor assembly—$125 shipped

Steering & Suspension:

1. Complete front suspension dropout—$750 shipped
Just subframe—$250 + shipping
Just control arms—$125 shipped
Just 2 hubs—$75 shipped
Just struts—$122 shipped
Just tie rods—$50
Just sway bar—$50 + shipping
Just spindles—$250 shipped
Just top hats—$125 shipped

2. Complete rear suspension dropout—$750 shipped

Just subframe—$250 + shipping
Just control arms—$125 shipped
Just 2 hubs—$75 shipped
Just struts—$122 shipped
Just sway bar—$50 + shipping
Just spindles—$150 shipped
Just top hats—$65 shippers

3. Axles—$250 + shipping per set

4. Driveshafts—$250 + shipping

5. Electronic steering racks—Regular racks all sold
DYNAMIC 2015 rack—$500 shipped/Verified working

6. Steering shaft—$65 shipped

7. Steering column—$250 shipped


1 factory exhaust—$250 picked up

2. Factory downpipes—$100 + shipping

3. Factory cats—SOLD


1. Front calipers—$265 shipped
Complete front brakes—$350 shipped
4 sets Brand new pads & rotors from dealer

2. Rear calipers—$265 shipped
Complete rear brakes—$350 shipped
brand new pads & rotors from dealer

3. ABS pumps—$125 shipped

4. Brake master cylinder—$125 shipped
reservoir included

5. Brake booster—$250 shipped
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