Ordered a Cayenne GTS and figured I'll see if there's an enthusiast that wants a low mileage Golf R (14k miles). I don't need to sell but willing to part if anyone is interested.
  • Paint protection film on front bumper, hood, mirror caps, front door sills, and top of rear bumper
  • Front bumper is NOT drilled
  • Ceramic coated
  • All maintenance performed based on years and not mileage
  • APR Stage 1 tune
  • APR DSG tune
  • OEM Euro LED taillights
  • VW DG lowering springs
  • Tinted windows all around
  • Roof wrapped in black vinyl (easily removable)
  • Neuspeed RSE102 Wheels
  • Brand new Continental tires (500 miles)
  • Stock Cadiz wheels (perfect condition)

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