Much more than just a simple facelift, Porsche's 2016 911 will be more about what you don't immediately see than what you do.  The first of Stuttgart's non-Turbo or GT2 cars to feature forced induction, the 991.2 has received many, many updates to ensure that it's new turbocharged flat-six will remain cool.  These include a new front end with revised vents, an updated rear bumper with additional ventilation and a center-exit exhaust, and new rear hood with, you guessed it, more vents.


Moving beyond the cooling provisions, the more eagle-eyed will notice that the car has new door handles, updated headlights, and other small stylistic upgrades.  We're told that the car will receive updated infotainment as well.


With the addition of turbocharged non-Turbo Porsche models, comes chatter of a slightly less expensive, "stripped down" model.  Think of it as Porsche shifting back to the 'purist' formula- less being more, except when it comes to pedals.  For the time being, we haven't heard anything concrete so this is nothing more than pure speculation.  Still, it would be interesting to see what a less expensive 911 model would do to the overall sales figures.

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