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Hi everyone! I’ve done some research on this topic and while it seems have been posted about before, there were some mixed responses related to how common the issue is and the potential solutions so I’m hoping to gather more info.

I recently purchased a certified pre owned 2017 Jetta 1.4T S with about 13k miles on it. I like the car but over the last week or so I noticed that when I’m cruising in 5th gear and slowing down to a stop, I feel the car downshifting gears (from 5-4, 4-3) and it feels noticeable. My 2012 Jetta SE never did this so I was expecting a smoother ride out of a newer car. I’ve read up a few possibilities:

-Bad valve body; or -it’s just the way the VWs are; or -the battery was just changed at the dealership before I got it so the adaptive learning of the transmission is still figuring itself out

I’m not an expert in cars by any means so I’m wondering if any of y’all had ideas!! I haven’t been using sport mode or anything like that. I’ve also read people who’ve experienced this change their driving habits or will use the tiptronic/manual feature to avoid this issue which seems inconvenient.. As I mentioned before, I'm not an expert who's willing to work on their own transmission so I'm wondering if this is something that might sort itself out over time, or just something I should get used to.

Thank you so much I’m advance.
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