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Anyone else with similar issues?

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22,000 miles of Atlas and the list of issues is becoming endless.

Broken drive axle, audio failure, coolant loss, headlights don't work, evaporation canisters (5 times so far), headlight adjusters, catalytic converter replacement, lane control defective, cruise control ACC defective (twice), remote start not working.... They have all become quite regular issues with this 2018 (brand new in Jan.2019) Volkswagen Atlas. I should really hate this car by now, but I don't, strangely enough. It drives well, when it drives, has plenty of room, great sounding audio system (when it works), and I have even started the to like the way the car looks. Chose the 6 seater version (row 2 equipped with captain's seats) because of the lay-out and it works great for me.

I have a dealer who is supportive and I have bought several VW's from them. Lived in four different countries and owned over 20 VW/Audi/Porsche cars in my time. This is the first American built one, and never had this many issues with one car, it has even surpassed the number of complaint I had with a Chrysler in 2003. Interestingly enough I got hold of a message from VW Chattanooga that stated there was no fix for one of the problems, and 'just send me home' hoping there was going to be an update at some time in the future. I even forgot what the issue was, but most likely it was electronic. The car has the Technology Pack.... Nothing but sensors, processors and a pretty display that barks at you for every little internal miscommunication., such as 'warning, engine running' to which I thought, Yeah, that's awesome because I am driving.....

My previous VW was a Touareg 2, great car, solid, had its troubles (mostly electronically) but gave me 70,000 miles without too many issues.

Well, this Atlas has driven..... driven me crazy and hopefully by 9/4/20 VW USA will come with a resolve for the issue - Either buy back the car of replace with a new one.

Anyone else in this VW Vorext forum with an Atlas having the same issues?
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