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Hello, I have a 2019 TTS and using Ross-Tech Vag-com HEX-V2 to change some options. Although I can change some options there are some I cannot. I receive the following error message when trying to perform long coding. I am trying to modify the headlight options and tail light options as well as to disable the exhaust flapper.
From reading the forms I think I may need the vehicle Security Access code. Can Anyone confirm this ? Thanks in advance for your assistance !
Error: Coding is NOT supported by this Control Module Variant. Replacement Control Modules must be parameterized by using the Factory Tool and Software-Version-Management (SVM). Many relevant Options can be found by using the Adaptation Function of the Control Module.

Does anyone know how to use Adaptation coding instead of long coding for 2019 Audi's ? I can only find Adaptation's for VW's.
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